Where’s Paradise Valley? It’s somewhere between Idaho and Montana and it’s the setting for A People Apart, my novel for ages 10 to 14. Almost completely surrounded by mountains and a steep river canyon, Paradise Valley is a fraying utopia of farmers and artists, and a place with many secrets.

My son Jay drew this map for me. He says all fantasy books need a good map and I agree, even though my book doesn’t have dragons or dwarves. A People Apart does not yet have a publisher and I’m hoping it’s not a fantasy that I’ll find one!

Here’s an excerpt from the book. Fourteen-year-olds, Marta and Linnea, are returning from a difficult climb up the cliffs above Remény Lake. They’ve made an amazing discovery but have to get back to the trailhead before dark.

A People Apart Excerpt

2014 Betsy Kepes - All Audio Courtesy of NCPR